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Horse Hair Bracelets **NEW ITEMS** see bottom of page!

Click to enlarge each picture. Any bracelet can be made in any color hair.

We only use real STERLING SILVER, real stones and real Swarovski crystals to make your keepsakes.

1. Lilly plain and simple. One to treasure. $57 

2.Sterling Silver tube bead on horse hair $85. Engravable adds $12 

3.Slick square tube bead on a box braid. Flat on all four sides. $95 can be engraved add $12
 temporarily discontinued.

4.Lilly with CZ ball and sterling accents. $120 Hollywood glamour! 

5.Lilly with Crystals and charm. Charm avl. include, horseshoe, little pony, cancer ribbon and hoof pick. $95 

6.Stunning double Lilly. Beads no longer available. Can be made without the beads for $135

7.Six Strand flat without beads $75  

8.Six strand flat with beads $85  

9. Adjustable bracelet with plain ends. $95 

10.Turquoise (sim.) on a six strand flat bracelet. $95

11.Filigree bead bracelet, specify 3 or 4 beads. $77 or $80

12. Engraved bead bracelet. Delicate scrollwork beads. $80

13.Hunky Man's Bracelet. This is one thick Bracelet. $80

14. Tiny tubes bracelet. Very delicate. $75

15.Memorial cross bracelet. Made as a tribute to a fallen officer. $100


16. Mandy Bracelet, wonderful herringbone style. $75

17. Trailblazer! This beauty can be made for men or women. $70

18. The "Kaiser" Rugged and thick, can be made in many color combinations. Heavy Sterling silver ends $150
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